convert anidb to tvdb to tmdb recursively

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convert anidb to tvdb to tmdb recursively

Post by MasterCATZ »

pretty much Kodi dumped anidb that I used for all my naming and now need to convert from anidb to tvdb or tmdb

what is a way to bulk do this ?

I am currently even thinking about having each file naming in its own db folder as neither tvdb or tmdb are perfect for Anime
so I might have to manually add each folder into kodi depending on how the scraper handles it

ie)from /Anime/names

but still thinking about how I will keep the time stamps (needed to stop scraper rescanning every darn folder for an entire day )
I am just renaming symlink files the original files sit on seedbox's

then their is the plex / jellyfin saga after I get kodi working again
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Re: convert anidb to tvdb to tmdb recursively

Post by rednoah »

The task at hand is very difficult. AniDB / TMDB episode information does not match 1:1 so be prepared to figure things out for each series one by one. If you're lucky, most will just work.

:arrow: [Anime] Convert Absolute to SxE numbers will get you started. The Anime-Lists/anime-lists project provides mapping information for AniDB ⇆ TheTVDB episode numbers.

:arrow: I recommend using Presets in the Desktop application since you will want to double-check matches one by one:
rednoah wrote: 03 Dec 2015, 17:36 Please read [Anime] Convert Absolute to SxE numbers thoroughly if you want to match files with AniDB naming and numbering and rename them with TheTVDB naming and numbering:

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