Using a csv file for lists

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Using a csv file for lists

Post by ChefGregS »

Red, you helped me long ago set up the code to read a file and make changes to movie ratings. The code is:

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{any{csv('S:/replacecert1.csv').get(certification)}{certification}{"NR"} }
Inside that file I have this list:

Not Rated;NR

And it works perfectly every time.

I now need one for subs. I'll start with my list (this is my test list):

Danish [Forced].dan;dan-Forced

And this is the code I was trying:

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I have tried with and without the {""}} at the end and currently, it doesn't matter either way.

When the movie folder contains subs and one of them is a sub with Danish [Forced].dan as part of one of the sub files names it simply has .dan as the language instead of dan-Forced

What I see under the Movie Format is: Pattern not found: 3D: Danish [Forced].dan

Is this because it isn't reading the file correctly? Did I not call the file correctly?

I hope that makes sense.. I am trying to have a list with a crap ton of subs listed. I keep finding that people label these files with all sorts of variations of what it should be so I will have a list of many many changes.

Thanks as always for any help....

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Re: Using a csv file for lists

Post by rednoah »

{subt} will never return [Forced].nor so a lookup won't work here.

You'll have to do a "if file name ends with" check for each line in the CSV file.

Since {subt} already mostly works, you can probably get away with just matching the "forced" bit from the file name:

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{ '-' + fn.match(/forced/) }
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