FileBot 3.8

Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 3.8

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FileBot 3.8 is out! Get it here!

This new major release brings new support for uploading subtitles and renaming music videos as well as updates to GUI and episode/movie matching that'll make things work much more smooth.

* Support for OpenSubtitles Subtitle Upload (experimental)
* Support for music videos in Audio mode (may require chromaprint-tools 1.0 or higher)
* Support for alias names in matching and naming
* Improved Episode matching and Series detection
* Improved Movie detection
* Improved User guidance
* Improved caching and cache updates
* Format Editor with full Groovy syntax highlighting (thanks to RSyntaxTextArea)
* Calling with -clear-cache or -clear-prefs will now clear & exit
* Support --filter expressions in Movie mode
* Exclude list check/update support (i.e. ignore files that have already been processed in previous runs)
* Fix TheMovieDB artwork API issues
* New little utility to help with escaping arguments

EDIT: Updated the 3.8 release with r1840 to fix some cache update issues.

:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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