AMC script with Deluge

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AMC script with Deluge

Post by Lincon » 16 May 2019, 11:54

Hello everyone,,,,,

I need help with code or script for moving my finished download for both movies and tvshows.
im using rasperry pi as downloading server + sonarr and radarr for my downloads, but i have alots of problems in moving the finished files.
I used to have FileBot long time ago on windows and it was perfect and 0 issue. but since i moved to linux/raspberry and im not able to set it correctly.
i need and very simple code that move, rename and search for arabic subtitles if available.

My setup:

I use Deluge as download clinet.
I download the files locally in reaspberry first, then i move them to mounted shared network folder.

the folder structure is:
Shared name: share. path= /media/share
then i have three folders:
1- Movies
3- Animation

appreciate your help...

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Re: AMC script with Deluge

Post by rednoah » 16 May 2019, 12:16

Have you tried the amc script? What have you tried? What's not working? Would you like to make it work differently?
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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