amc script abort and incorrect exclude file

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amc script abort and incorrect exclude file

Post by angusc »

I'm running the amc script with the following command:

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filebot -script fn:amc --output "/volume1/Media" --action hardlink --conflict auto -non-strict "/volume1/Media/Additions/Movies" --log-file "/volume1/Media/Additions/Movies/amc.log" --def excludeList="/volume1/Media/Additions/Movies/amc-movies.txt" "ut_label=Movie" movieFormat="{plex.derive{\" - \$vf.\$vc.\$ac\"}}"
The scripted aborted on an error ("CmdlineException: Failed to process ... is an exact copy and already exists"

I know why there was a duplicate (movie name is different in different countries and I accidentally recopied it in), but after the error, I realized the exclude list was now out of sync.

The script had added all the files to be processed to the exclude list, but only renamed/moved some of them, leaving things in an inconsistent state.

Is there another flag I don't know about, that would continue processing even after that error so that the exclude list is so incorrect? Or should amc only write to the exclude list after trying to process each file, even if it fails (ie so it doesn't process it next time).

I saw the possibility of having amc process files one at a time in this thread, just seemed like amc shouldn't leave things this way either.
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Re: amc script abort and incorrect exclude file

Post by rednoah »

Movie A failing should not prevent Movie B from getting processed correctly. What does the complete console log say?

The exclude list prevents files from being repeatedly processed, for errors or otherwise. Wouldn't want to try over and over and over just to get the same error again and again?

You can use --def unsorted=y to move files that can't otherwise be moved. That way everything that is added to the exclude list, is processed, one way or another, with unsorted behavior if necessary. As a result, your Unsorted folder gets filled up with files that require manual intervention, for you to deal with when convenient.
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