Filebot only handle Movies

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Filebot only handle Movies

Post by BillyTheKid » 14 Jan 2020, 09:01


Is it possible to use the AMC script with utorrent such that it ONLY handles movies renaming and moving?

I'd like to use Sonarr for handling my TV but have filebot handle renaming of ONLY 4k and 1080 movies, plus UFC content.

Is this possible?


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Re: Filebot only handle Movies

Post by devster » 14 Jan 2020, 09:42

Yes, it is possible.
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Re: Filebot only handle Movies

Post by rednoah » 14 Jan 2020, 09:51

Well, I suppose you'd have to some separate episodes from movies first, and then only execute the amc script if we're dealing the the latter. Usually people would modify the various glue logic scripts to either call or not call the amc script depending on some condition.

:idea: Since we're using --action hardlink, the easiest solution is to process everything as usual, all episodes, all movies. There's no harm in that. Extra hardlinks don't require extra disk space nor time. You can always choose to just not look at the folder structures that are not relevant to you, plus custom formats can help you organize some files into one directory structure, and others into an other, so it's easy to separate.
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