Can FileBot recognize show title abbreviations?

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Can FileBot recognize show title abbreviations?

Post by deadmusic »

When I used theRenamer in the past, I could save a series nickname/ abbreviation by telling it that a file starting with something like "B.H.A.s01e01..." stood for "Bob Hearts Abishola" and every future use, it would automatically name all files accordingly with one click. So far, I cannot figure out if FileBot can do that, so I am having to rename "B.H.A." by hand, then in a second step, it gives me a list from which I have to confirm that my "Bob Hearts Abishola" file is the "Bob Hearts Abishola" from TVDB, then it will finally rename the file.

If I had 20 files of the same show, it would be fine. But I have 20 files all of different new shows and I have to repeat the process 20 times, and repeat again with the next batch of new files (it does not remember TVDB associations of shows I have named the previous week). This takes almost as much time as renaming everything manually. Is there a way to make FileBot recognize the show's abbreviation/ nickname and save the corresponding TVDB listing so I don't have to repeat those two steps for every new file? Thanks!
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Re: Can FileBot recognize show title abbreviations?

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Yes, but only if it's a commonly used abbreviations.

If you could provide sample file paths, screenshots or logs that show things not working correctly for a particular set of files, then I could have a look and see what can be done about it.

:?: Are you using the GUI or the CLI? The CLI has a --q force query option.

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:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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