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Moderation Required

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As of 2021, due to spam bots getting more and more sophisticated, the first post made by a newly registered user must now be approved by a moderator before publication. Subsequent posts will not require moderation.

:idea: Existing forum members are welcome to apply for a Moderator role so that a multitude of members can approve new posts from new members.

:!: Beware of spam bots that copy old posts from reddit (to be edited into spam later) as that kind of spam is virtually indistinguishable from real user posts.

:!: Users with 0 posts are pruned regularly to delete sleeper spam bot accounts.

:!: Please read How to Request Help. If you do not read How to Request Help then your post may be miss-identified and rejected as spam. (i.e. filebot -script fn:sysinfo output changing over time allows us to identify spam bots)
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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