[macOS] Set Finder Tags

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[macOS] Set Finder Tags

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The Set Finder Tags allows you to add a series of tags to your movie and episode files to make them more accessible in Finder.

e.g. export Finder tags for existing files:

Shell: Select all

filebot -find /input --apply finder

By default, the list of tags for each file is generated by the following format expression:

Format: Select all

{ movie; 'Movie' }
{ episode; anime ? 'Anime' : 'TV Show' }
{ movie; genre }
{ movie; '★' * (rating / 2).round() }
{ y }
{ hd == 'UHD' && hdr ? 'HDR 4K' : null }

:idea: The default tags defined by the format above are experimental and subject to change. Please provide feedback if you would like to see different tags by default.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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