[FAQ] How can I use the same format in both GUI and CLI?

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[FAQ] How can I use the same format in both GUI and CLI?

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You can copy your custom format into a *.groovy text file, and then refer to that text file in the FileBot Desktop application (in the Format Editor or in the Preset Editor) or on the command-line as option value or script parameter value. You can then edit your format file with your favourite code editor (e.g. Notepad++ or Sublime Text) in a central location.


e.g. use @file.groovy syntax in the FileBot Desktop application:

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e.g. use --format file.groovy if you are using filebot -rename commands:

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--format /path/to/MyFormat.groovy

e.g. use --def [email protected] if you are using amc script commands:

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--def movieFormat=@/path/to/MyFormat.groovy

:arrow: Please read Split code into external *.groovy script files and @file syntax for reading cmdline args from text files for details.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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