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[TVmaze] XDB not supported

Posted: 15 Mar 2023, 14:19
by rednoah
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Larod241 — Today at 19:58
XDB not supported: TVmaze::38963

Hello, with 5.0 on max m1 (arm version) i've got this message when i want to rename file (mandalorian tv series)
rednoah — Today at 20:37
When does this error message appear?
I cannot reproduce the problem with a simple test file Alias.1x01.mp4
Larod241 — Today at 20:40
when i choose one of database in episode mode list
rednoah — Today at 20:41
I see. Are you re-processing prevously processed files?
Larod241 — Today at 20:41
yes. for rename they in french language for example
rednoah — Today at 20:43
I can reproduce the issue. It's specific to TVmaze when re-processing previously processed files. I'll look into fixing it for the next release.
That said, use Smart Mode: Attributes for re-processing previously processed files. That'll allow you to instantly re-match files.
Larod241 — Today at 20:44
Ok, thanks for this quick response and workaround

Re: [TVmaze] XDB not supported

Posted: 18 Mar 2023, 08:57
by rednoah
FileBot 5.0.1 has been released: