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{resolution} binding does not work in FileBot 5.0.1 (it works but it works differently depending on the context)

Posted: 21 Mar 2023, 04:52
by rednoah
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jaytee wrote:Hmmm. I think it was a typo, that used to work then stopped? I was using {-resolution} which gave e.g. "-1280x800", (which is the string shown at but now gives nothing. My other bindings use the format of {'-'+resolution} , which gives "-[1280, 800]". I guess I can just use {-width+'x'+height}. Thanks!

{-resolution} is wrong, but works because FileBot implements String.negative() and just does '-' + self to make it work. Resolution is no longer a String object, so this code no longer works.

{ '-' + resolution } indeed results in -[3840, 2160] which is definitely a bug / unfortunate unintended side effect.
You can do this instead:

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{ '-' + resolution.toString() }


FileBot r9671 adds additional extension methods to make {-resolution} and {'-'+resolution} work again like before.