Mac App Store V5 when?

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Mac App Store V5 when?

Post by kikker123 »

The Mac App Store version is still on VB4.9.7 for over a year now. The current version is now V5.

Did did purchase a lifetime licence trough the App Store so a switch is not that simple for me. And was expecting regular updates :( Can I ever expect an update on the App Store version? A EST would be welcome at least.
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Re: Mac App Store V5 when?

Post by rednoah »

:?: Do you have a particular issue or with FileBot 4.9.7 that you hope to fix with FileBot 5.0.* and above?

:idea: FileBot 4.9.7 is stable and works. FileBot 5.0.* started releasing 2 months ago on 2023-03-14 with a large number of changes and is thus somewhat experimental. Please read How do I update the Microsoft Store / Mac App Store edition? for details and considerations.

:idea: Coincidentally, FileBot 5.0.3 was submitted to to the Mac App Store on 2023-05-22 and so it's up to Apple App Review now. Might take a day. Might take a week. Might be accepted. Might be rejected.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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