Custom Expression Results in Incorrect Movie Name Matches - Manual Fix Required

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Custom Expression Results in Incorrect Movie Name Matches - Manual Fix Required

Post by owzo »

Hello fellow forum members,

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm facing a perplexing issue with FileBot that I'm seeking assistance with. Specifically, I'm having trouble with custom expressions not yielding the expected movie name matches. I'm reaching out to the community in the hopes of finding a solution or gaining insights into how to address this issue.

Description of the Issue:
The core of the issue lies in the use of a custom expression during movie name searches in FileBot. Unfortunately, the search results are consistently providing incorrect matches, leading to confusion and disrupting the organization of my media collection.

Steps Taken and Example:
In my quest to resolve this issue, I've reviewed the provided "media-index.tsv" information along with the custom expression used for matching. To provide context, here are the details of the example:

- File Path: "\\Media\Movies\Yes Man (2008)\Yes Man (2008).mkv"
- Custom Expression: `{n.replaceAll(/[:|]/, " - ")} ({y}) [{genres[0]}, {certification}] ({vf}) [{vc},{ac}] {Languages}`
- New Name Miss Match: "X-Men - The Last Stand (2006) [Adventure, PG-13] (1080p) [x265,AC3] [eng]"
- Desired Match: "Yes Man (2008) [Comedy, PG-13] (1080p) [x265,AC3] [est, eng, kor]"

Media Information:

Code: Select all

Name: Yes Man (2008)
Container: matroska
Resolution: 1920x800
Video Codec: x265
Video Format: 1080p
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Channels: Dolby Digital 5.1
Audio Languages: [est, eng, kor]
Subtitle Languages: [ara, bul, zho, and more]
Duration: 1∶44
File Size: 7,488 MB
Path: "\\Media\Movies\Yes Man (2008)\Yes Man (2008).mkv"
Original Name: Yes Man (2008) [Comedy, PG-13] (1080p) [x265,AC3]
Extended Attributes: {"@type":"Movie","year":2006,"imdbId":376994,"tmdbId":36668,"language":"en-US","id":36668,"name":"Yes Man","aliasNames":[]}

Manual Fix Required:
Regrettably, the only solution I've discovered so far is to manually match each item after the initial search. This process is time-consuming and inconvenient, and I'm hoping to find a more efficient way to resolve this issue.

Request for Assistance:
I'm humbly seeking guidance from the community to help me navigate and resolve this intricate issue. If anyone has encountered similar challenges or has insights into aligning the custom expression with the desired match without manual intervention, I would be truly appreciative of your knowledge. I'm open to suggestions on modifying the custom expression or any other adjustments that might be necessary within FileBot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I'm genuinely thankful for any support you can offer. Your expertise will undoubtedly assist in enhancing my experience with FileBot and maintaining an organized media collection.

Thank you for your help in advance,
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Re: Custom Expression Results in Incorrect Movie Name Matches - Manual Fix Required

Post by rednoah »

I'd start by systemically investigating why you get the completely wrong match. That's not normal behavior. But the bad match must be coming from somewhere.

:arrow: I'd start by trying different files in different locations. What if you move that file to your Desktop? Do you get different results?

:?: Perhaps an invalid *.nfo file is forcing the wrong movie ID?

:idea: Note that movie matching is separate and completely independent from your custom format expression. Your format cannot change the match. Your format merely formats the given match.


:idea: I ran a test with Yes Man (2008).mkv in a new empty folder and it works out-of-the-box:

Console Output: Select all

$ filebot -rename *.mkv --db TheMovieDB --format '{n.replaceAll(/[:|]/, " - ")} ({y}) [{genres[0]}, {certification}] ({vf}) [{vc},{ac}] {Languages}' --action TEST --log INFO
[TEST] from [Yes Man (2008).mkv] to [Yes Man (2008) [Comedy, PG-13] (480p) [x264,AC3] [est, eng, kor].mkv]
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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Re: Custom Expression Results in Incorrect Movie Name Matches - Manual Fix Required

Post by owzo »

This put me on a new line of troubleshooting, will return with results.

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