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OpenSubtitles REST API

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:!: OpenSubtitles has announced shutting down the XML-RPC API in favour of a new OpenSubtitles REST API. This would mean that all OpenSubtitles clients that use the XML-RPC API (i.e. all of them; any code written before 2022) will stop functioning.

:idea: However, OpenSubtitles has already announced that they will keep the XML-RPC API running, because the new API is not yet capable of fully replacing the old API. They might disable login for non-VIP users though. These things take time. We shall wait and see. TheTVDB API v2 was sunset many years ago and it's still working. Keep calm and carry on.

:arrow: API deprecation and end of life
oss wrote: Hi all developers.

After 16 years of service, the time has come to turn off our original API service, to focus our time and energy on the new REST API. Read more about details and timing below.

Zillions of requests were served by the old xml-rpc API, but now we need to stop developing and servicing it. Instead our focus and development energy is moved towards modern, fast and better optimised REST API - which is already serving around 30 million requests per 24 hours.

Two years after our first deployment, it is quite stable and tested now. we invite you to try it and implement it in your app. API important dates:

* 2022-06-15 registration of new user agents is stopped
* 2023-12-31 end of life, API endpoint will be turned off

Please make sure to perform necessary updates on your side and let us know if you need any assistance.

Check our new API here:

Thank you
vankasteelj wrote: Hello, the announced EOL is in a few weeks, and the new Rest API doesn't seem to support uploads. What can be done about this?
oss wrote: We will keep old API a bit longer, probably just supporting uploads.

:arrow: BLACK FRIDAY - 20% off for VIP + END of API
oss wrote: In short: API will stop working in end of 2023, and it will be available only for VIP users. Enjoy Black Friday discount and Get 20% discount now for VIP.

Attention Subtitles Enthusiasts! Big Changes Ahead for API

As the familiar landscape of online movie subtitle searches undergoes a transformation, has announced the end of its original API service in 2022. A significant shift in its system has been set in motion, marking the end of an era after 17 years of reliable service. This transition aims to pave the way for a more advanced and streamlined experience with the introduction of the new REST API on

End of an Era: What's Changing and When?

The original API service from is slated to cease functioning by the end of 2023, as announced earlier. This decision, initially disclosed in a forum post, will primarily affect non-VIP users, while VIP members will continue to enjoy access to the API. While this may seem daunting, fear not! The end of the old API service heralds a new chapter for subtitles enthusiasts with the revamped and optimized REST API.

Embrace the Change: Introducing the 20% Black Friday Treat!

To celebrate this transition and express gratitude to its loyal user base, is offering an exclusive 20% discount on a one-year subscription to VIP membership. This offer is valid until November 24th, 2023. Subscribers will not only gain VIP status on but also have access to VIP benefits on

Understanding the VIP Advantage

Now, what sets apart a VIP member from a non-VIP user? Let's dive into the substantial benefits of being an OpenSubtitles VIP member:

1. Ad-Free Experience

As a VIP member, bid farewell to intrusive advertisements. While non-VIP users encounter pop-ups, banners, and hidden ads, VIP members enjoy a clean, ad-free interface.

2. Direct Download Links

VIP members benefit from immediate access to download links directly from the search page. Unlike non-VIP users, who might face offers, installers, and redirects before accessing subtitles, VIP members have a streamlined and hassle-Jean Claude Van Damme experience.

3. Higher Download Limits

VIP members receive a higher download limit of 1000 subtitles per 24 hours, allowing ample room to collect subtitles without constraints.

4. Ad-Free Subtitles

Subtitles downloaded by VIP members are free from any embedded ads, offering a cleaner viewing experience.

5. User Profile Visibility

VIP members showcase a special logo next to their usernames in their profiles, signifying their elite status and support for the platform.

6. Contributing to a Greater Cause

By becoming a VIP member, users directly support the platform and its ongoing development, benefiting the community of over 30,000 simultaneous users during peak hours.

Secure Your VIP Membership Today!

This transition signifies a step forward for OpenSubtitles, enhancing the user experience and ensuring a more efficient service. VIP members not only receive an ad-free, seamless experience but also contribute to the platform's growth and evolution.

Act now to avail yourself of the 20% discount on a one-year VIP subscription. This limited-time offer stands until November 24th, 2023, and presents an excellent opportunity to become a VIP member, experiencing the advantages firsthand.

Secure your VIP subscription and immerse yourself in a premium subtitle experience across OpenSubtitles platforms.

Join the VIP community and experience subtitles like never before - efficient, ad-free, and with limitless access. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Happy Subtitling!

:idea: FileBot r10150 and higher implement the OpenSubtitles REST API support (disabled by default) and is available for testing:

Shell: Select all

filebot -script fn:properties --def net.filebot.WebServices.OpenSubtitles.v2=true

UPDATE: 10 Jan 2024

XML-RPC API is still working in 2024 so all your tools will continue to work unmodified for the time being:

Console Output: Select all

$ date
Wed Jan 10 09:48:14 UTC 2024
$ filebot -get-subtitles Alias.1x01.mp4 -non-strict
Get [English] subtitles for 1 file
Looking up subtitles by hash via OpenSubtitles
Looking up subtitles by name via OpenSubtitles
Fetching [English] subtitles [] from [OpenSubtitles]
Writing [] to []
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