Can "Edit Name" & "Edit Match" be added to the Right-Click Menu?

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Can "Edit Name" & "Edit Match" be added to the Right-Click Menu?

Post by kevinbarre »

I can't figure out why "Edit Name" & "Edit Match" are not below "Edit Format" in the right-click menu, under options. Trying to actually access either of those two functions is entirely hit or miss. I can double-click a New Name more than a dozen times before it will actually pop up with the option.

Please help. Amazingly useful app otherwise.
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Re: Can "Edit Name" & "Edit Match" be added to the Right-Click Menu?

Post by rednoah »

Double-Left-Click <New Names Item> will open the Icon Edit Match actions specific for the select item:
:idea: This selection-specific Edit Format action will open the specific Episode Format Editor with the specific File / Episode match that you have selected, or Movie Format Editor with File / Movie match, or Music Format Editor with File / Music match, and so on. Specific behaviour depends on the selected item. This Edit Format action is not available if you have not yet loaded or selected a match.

Right-Click <New Names Area> will open the Icon Fetch & Match Data actions:
:idea: This Edit Format action will open the generic Format Editor that allows you to switch between Movie / Episode / etc mode and uses sample File / Movie / Episode information. This Edit Format action works without loading / matching any files.

:idea: There are no selections-specific Edit Match / Edit Name actions in this menu because this menu is not selection-specific.

:arrow: There is a Icon Edit Match button and a Icon Fetch Data button at the bottom of the New Names area that also reveal the same actions, if Double-Left-Click or Right-Click is not convenient for you for some reason.

:arrow: I'd use the CTRL+M and CTRL+N keyboard shortcuts for quick access.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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