FileBot 4.1

Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 4.1

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FileBot 4.1 is out! Get it here!

This new major release comes with massive improvements in all the core functionalities and lots of bug fixes. It's smarter, faster, superior in every aspect and generally more streamlined to get things done fast and exactly the way you want.

* Fix Windows/Linux/Samba permission issues
* New Mac OS X app bundle (now requires Oracle Java 8)
* Support xattr metadata on Mac OS X
* Faster FileBot / Groovy Script Engine
* Improved series / movie detection for various special cases
* Fix various OpenSubtitles Upload/Download issues
* Improved detection of existing subtitles in -get-missing-subtitles
* Support for Java 8
* Improved steps for {vf}
* New binding {age} for age in days
* New binding {label} which is only available if --def ut_label has been set (see amc usage)
* PushBullet supported (see amc usage)

* Drop support for Java 6 (i.e. Apple Java 6 is no longer supported)
* Strict OpenSubtitles search is limited to hash/tag lookup now
* Enable xattr support by default for all packages
* New xattr structure and namespace
* Update to Groovy 2.3.2

Re: Settings
Preferences from older versions will not be available in newer versions. So if you have saved expression formats make sure to copy them somewhere (e.g. here in the forums) before you upgrade.

Re: Groovy 2.3
The new Groovy 2.3 is slightly incompatible with previous Groovy versions due to Java 8 compatibility issues. Moreover since the FileBot Groovy Extensions have been rewritten from scratch, all the Groovy scripts made for 4.0 or earlier may not be completely compatible with the new release. All the scripts have already been updated on GitHub but if you're using a customized fork of any of the scripts you may need to update your code.

Re: xattr metadata
xattr written by previous versions are incompatible / invisible to newer versions, and vice versa. You can import old xattr metadata by running the xattr script with the new release on all the files.

:idea: FileBot 4.0 is deprecated effective immediately

PS: Happy Day of the Pulse / Children's Day / Dragon Boat Festival :mrgreen:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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