TV Movies: TV? Movies? Both?

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TV Movies: TV? Movies? Both?

Post by ChefGregS » 09 Jul 2018, 01:40 I have more and more TV movies I am finding that I have to do some playing around to get them to work as I want them. Several of my situations follow:

Made for TV movie - These are in MY opinion MOVIES!!!! However, some, especially old ones (70's, 80's) have issues. I know it's not the fault of Filebot at all, it has to do with which service has decided to include their information if any and which info they include. Sometimes they are showing in but show only as TV show. So the information seems to come back as tv but I want to pull it as movie. On some (sorry I never thought to remember which ones) I have had to use my movie format and rename the files BY HAND using that format because for whatever reason Filebot wouldn't pull it. Just timed out. It's been rare, but does happen.

Theater movie that is part of a TV series. (Star Trek, etc..) - I personally always loaded these as MOVIES. However, I have lately been copying them and dropping them in as the SPECIALS on TV series they belong with when they appear in a specials area of

TV movies that are part of a TV series. - Shows like Fantasy Island has a couple movies that start the series. These are made for TV movies but can stand alone without having to watch the series. These I would like to have show up in both the Specials section of the series where they show up on AND in my MOVIES section.

Now, granted, these can be done (I do them now) by hand. Make 2 copies of the file and simply process it each way. With many of the TV movies you may find you have to get creative to make them grab the correct data from the movie db's.

However, what I would like to see as a feature would be a way to have 1 (one) file, drop it in to Filebot and have it essentially create 2 OUT files using the information from TV AND Movie databases. One for each output file. Then, have it COPY the file to one of the folders and then MOVE the file to the other folder.

Again, just a thought to make OUR lives a bit easier. Nice little feature, IMO.


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Re: TV Movies: TV? Movies? Both?

Post by rednoah » 09 Jul 2018, 07:07

Specific examples with example file names and corresponding TheTVDB / TheMovieDB would be helpful for testing and are absolutely required for any kind of actual implementation (which requires testing and test data).

I'm not inclined to add confusing features (for new users) to the GUI, but how about using the CLI? Can't you just make two calls and process the same input files twice but differently each time? You can also do a kinda of master-slave where you process them to some place, and then mirror them to another with a different format (e.g. like a few of the examples here).

One critical issue is information. AFAIK, FileBot has now way of knowing which movie corresponds to which TV Series / Season / Episode / Special. You can maybe make many assumptions and maybe make it work for a good number of your specific use cases, but I reckon it'd be extremely difficult to make this "just work" for everyone.

Possibly unrelated to your particular use case, at the very least, copying files to many destinations in one go is supported by replacing the built-in rename action with your own script or program that then does whatever you want it to do:
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