FileBot 3.5

Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 3.5

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FileBot 3.5 Get it here!

This release features many improvements to movie and episode detection and lots of little UI enhancements like being able to set and unset OpenSubtitles and Sublight login credentials.

+ Allow setting up OpenSubtitles and Sublight username/password via the GUI
+ Lots of small GUI and deployment enhancements
+ Improved movie / series detection
+ Improved episode numbers matching
+ Allow processing of specific sets of files by dropping in .txt files with paths
+ Added .ISO and .3DSBS as video file extensions

* Manage AniDB index files myself and set AniDB API cache to 2 weeks as to reduce load on AniDB servers
* [Windows] Replace filebot.cmd script with launch4j filebot.exe console application for improved JRE auto-detection
* [Linux] Fixed network issues caused by missing gnome libs
* [Embedded Linux] .ipk installs to /opt by default now

Update: Automated Media Center
* Fine-tuned movie / series differentiation rules
* Various adjustments to the default formats
* Improved xbmc integration
* Allow user-defined post-processing via --def exec=command
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