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FileBot 3.6

Posted: 12 Apr 2013, 18:38
by rednoah
FileBot 3.6 Get it here!

This release brings lots of improvements for automated processing and a few new features requested by the community.

+ GUI Rename will allow you to override files now
+ Improved movie detection and auto-selection
+ Improved series detection esp. for US/UK or 2005/2009 version of the same series
+ Improved episode matching taking into account series popularity and episode airdates
+ Cmdline options --log-file and --log-lock to streamline cmdline usage esp. with the Automated Media Center scripts
+ Cmdline option --mode rename|subtitles|sfv to launch with minimum UI

* Press ALT+DELETE to delete items from one of the lists rather then a line from both
* More strict AniDB flood-protection limits

Update: Automated Media Center
* Improved movie / episode differentiation
* Recursive extract archives
* Strict subtitle matching by default

// 4 June Lemonade

FileBot 3.61 is out!

Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 13:13
by rednoah
FileBot 3.61 is out! Get it here!

This update brings lots of little tweaks for movie and episode detection and fixes various issues that have come up since the last release.

* Many little tweaks for movie/series/episode matching and detection
* Improved filename validation as trailing spaces or dots cause issues on Windows
* Some tweaks for -non-strict behaviour
* Removed Sublight and Subscene because currently things are broken and can't be fixed without working APIs
* GUI does not allow override behaviour anymore as to avoid users inadvertently overriding files

Re: FileBot 3.62 is out

Posted: 07 Aug 2013, 10:13
by rednoah
FileBot 3.62 is out! Get it here!

This update brings lots of improvements for movie and episode detection as well as better subtitle auto-selection.

* Improved movie / episode detection
* Improved subtitle auto-selection
* New bindings for multi-stream info, e.g. {videos} {audios} {texts}
* AMC: Fine-tune series/movie auto-detection
* AMC: Support <trailer> in movie.nfo creation

New PAD file: ... ot_pad.xml