Plex Naming and Movie Collection Folder

All about user-defined episode / movie format expressions
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Plex Naming and Movie Collection Folder

Post by Yammers »


There i have moved all my films onto wd mycloud

however it gave all my films individual folders

i am trying to come up with an expression that does this example that puts my movies into folders example would be

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Z:\Plex\Shared Movies\
>Harry potter
> harry potter chamber of secerates (2202
>harry potter chamber of secerates 
in other words id have a harry potter folder with all harry potter films in it
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Re: Plex Naming

Post by rednoah »

I recommend using this format expression:

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Z:/Plex/Shared {plex}

If you want a movie collection folder, then something like this will do:

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Z:/Plex/Shared Movies/{collection+'/'}{ny}/{}

:!: Note that having a movie collection folder in your custom naming scheme makes your naming scheme explicitly not be the Plex naming scheme. It might work, or it might not.
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