[Anime] Convert Absolute to SxE numbers

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[Anime] Convert Absolute to SxE numbers

Postby rednoah » 13 Jun 2015, 15:27

Convert Absolute to SxE numbers

Anime files are often named using Absolute numbering. However, most Media Center Software like Plex or Kodie require SxE naming standards that match the TheTVDB Season/Episode numbers (in Airdate order).

So in order to help TheTVDB scrapers correctly identify your Anime episodes you will have to convert Absolute anime numbers to their corresponding TheTVDB SxE numbers.

In the best case, if absolute number information has already been added to TheTVDB and clearly named files (e.g. One Piece E500) FileBot can easily match the absolute numbers with the correct episode in Airdate order and rename it using SxE information (e.g. One Piece S14E19).

In the worst case, especially if files use ambiguous naming patterns (e.g. One Piece 501 can mean 5x01 or 501) you may need to:

  1. Match with Absolute Order episode data
  2. Translate Absolute Order episode data to Airdate Order in the format

e.g. Use the {order} binding to retrieve SxE episode data in the format:

Code: Select all


e.g. Convert Absolute Order to Airdate Order on the command-line:

Code: Select all

filebot -rename "One Piece 501.avi" --db TheTVDB --order Absolute --format "{n} - {order.airdate.sxe}" -non-strict

Code: Select all

[MOVE] Rename [One Piece 501.avi] to [One Piece - 14x20.avi]
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