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Manual Matching

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If FileBot does not automatically match the correct Episode or Movie for any given file, then you can manually select the correct Episode (or multiple episodes for multi-episode files) or Movie instead via Double-Click ➔ Icon Edit Match.


:idea: You can select multiple episodes if the file at hand is a multi-episode file:

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - S01E01-E02 - Emissary

:idea: If you need to manually match a large number of files and episodes, then you can drop files and episodes manually, and then align them manually:


:idea: You can prefabricate double-episode / triple-episode / multi-episode objects for manual matching en masse in the Episodes tool:


:arrow: Please watch the Rename TV Series via Manual Matching and How do I manually match files with episodes in linear order? video tutorials for details:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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