How to use FileBot Scripting

Running FileBot from the console, Groovy / FileBot scripting, shell scripts, etc
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How to use FileBot Scripting

Post by Abyssix »

Hi everyone,

I have been using FileBot for nearly 2 years now, and I have to admit it's been amazing to sort series/anime/movies etc.

I have read a post that you can use a script to find missing episodes for your series/anime, but the problem is I do not know how to do it, I don't even know how to run a script or where to start.

Could anyone please be so kind and explain to me how do it? Step by step would be appreciated :)
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Re: How to use FileBot Scripting

Post by rednoah »

First, we need to differentiate between using filebot on the command-line (i.e. writing cmd script that calls filebot and maybe other tools) and filebot scripting (i.e. writing a Groovy script that is executed by filebot). The former is a generic power user skill unrelated to FileBot specifically. The latter is a much more specialized Groovy programming skill, and probably not relevant to your particular scripting needs.

:arrow: Your journey starts with Googling "how do i use the command-line". Familiarizing yourself with CMD a bit first is always a good idea, even if your use case effectively boils down to (1) opening CMD, (2) copy & pasting one line, and (3) hitting enter.
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