Plex Naming Schemes

All about user-defined episode / movie format expressions
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Plex Naming Schemes

Post by rednoah » 12 Sep 2016, 10:03

Plex Naming Standard

Plex has strict standards for naming and organizing your media files.

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Movies/Avatar (2009)/Avatar (2009)
TV Shows/Alias/Season 01/Alias - S01E01 - Truth Be Told
The {plex} binding which will give you the appropriate Plex path for movies, TV episodes, Anime episodes and music files:

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Since the {plex} binding will give you a File object, it's easy to reuse some path components and omit others. {} and {plex.tail} are particularly useful if you want to rename files in place or if you want the {plex} path without the top-level Movies or TV Shows folder.

e.g. Avatar (2009)

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e.g. Firefly/Season 01/Firefly - S01E01 - Serenity

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e.g. Firefly/Firefly - S01E01 - Serenity

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e.g. Movies/Avatar (2009)/Avatar (2009) by James Cameron [720p, x264, AC3]

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{plex.derive{" by $director"}{" [$vf, $vc, $ac]"}}


Custom Naming Schemes

If you need to make very specific customizations to the standard Plex naming scheme, you'll want you write your own format expression so you have full control over all the bits and pieces. You can get started by copying the following examples and modifying them to your liking.


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Movies/{n} ({y})/{n} ({y}){' CD'+pi}{'.'+lang}
TV Series

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TV Shows/{n}/{episode.special ? 'Specials' : 'Season '+s.pad(2)}/{n} - {episode.special ? 'S00E'+special.pad(2) : s00e00} - {t.replaceAll(/[`´‘’ʻ]/, /'/).replaceAll(/[!?.]+$/).replacePart(', Part $1')}{'.'+lang}

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Anime/{primaryTitle}/{primaryTitle} - {sxe} - {t.replaceAll(/[!?.]+$/).replaceAll(/[`´‘’ʻ]/, /'/).replacePart(', Part $1')}

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Music/{n}/{album+'/'}{pi.pad(2)+'. '}{artist} - {t}
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Re: Plex Naming Schemes

Post by Gruff10 » Yesterday, 21:57


NOOB here :?


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{plex.derive{" [$vf.$vc.$ac]"}}
I find that the TV series 24 (Twenty Four) fails because the fullstops in its episode titles are being replaced (see output below).

How can I get around this?


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