renaming format assistance

All about user-defined episode / movie format expressions
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renaming format assistance

Post by knoddix » 28 Jun 2013, 03:17

hey i have been hunting around for a way to remove everything from the tv show names such as ,.'- and so forth and then set all names to use a capital for the first letter plus put just like 1 or 2 in front of the episode name so for example 1 Title
but at the moment i am getting 1 Title's or 1 Title-Title so basically i just need to know how to remove ' and - from the title any help would be appreciated

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Re: renaming format assistance

Post by rednoah » 28 Jun 2013, 04:21

Plenty of examples here:

Like this:

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{n.replaceTrailingBrackets()} - {s+'x'}{e.pad(2)} - {t.replaceAll(/[!?.]+$/).replaceAll(/[`´‘’ʻ]/, "'")
.lowerTrail().replacePart(', Part $1')}
Remove trailing !?.

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Remove any ,.'-

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