How do I deal with files ripped from DVD disks named [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-1] effectively?

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How do I deal with files ripped from DVD disks named [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-1] effectively?

Post by xpusostomos »

I'm a bit baffled by how Filebot decides how to match DVD titles. For example, I ripped Futurama and Season 7 looks something like this...

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Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-1.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-2.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-3.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-4.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-5.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-6.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-7.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-1.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-2.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-3.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-4.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-5.m4v
Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-6.m4v
This seems like a pretty common naming scheme for DVDs, you have a disc number, and a number within the disc, and you'd think filebot would realise, ok this is Volume 7, probably best to name the episodes in order for Volume 7. But no, the suggestions are random and all over the place.

It's also a bit confusing how the buttons work. The button with tool tip "Clear all' with a circular arrow... everywhere else in the world this icon means "Refresh", and I'd expect it to refresh the file list. There doesn't seem to be a button to do that. If I select Load -> Select Folder, and select the same folder again, it doesn't do the same as Clear all, then load -> select folder. Items come up in a different (aka wrong) order, matching seems to not work right. Like I renamed all the above files to have just the episode number (not disc, # in disc) in the hope Filebot would wake up, but it didn't work by just loading the folder again, matching again, it still had wrong guesses. But clearing, then loading again worked. I don't know, it seems like Filebot could be more intelligent in making guesses using meta data, file names and so forth.
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Re: FileBot should use names to figure out what is what

Post by rednoah »

Since your files don't use any kind of standard SxE numbering, you won't get far with automatic SxE matching. In particular, Futurama / DVD Volumes / Season 7 DVD Episode Order does not help you, because the numbers in your files don't match the numbers in the database.

However, in this particular case, we can probably rely on the alphanumeric order of files and DVD order of episodes aligning naturally, and so we can just rename files in linear order instead of relying on SxE matching:

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$ filebot -list --db TheTVDB --q Futurama --order DVD --filter "s == 7" -rename Futurama*.mp4 --action TEST --log INFO
[TEST] from [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-1.mp4] to [Futurama - 7x01 - The Bots and the Bees.mp4]
[TEST] from [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-2.mp4] to [Futurama - 7x02 - A Farewell to Arms.mp4]
[TEST] from [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 1-3.mp4] to [Futurama - 7x03 - Decision 3012.mp4]
[TEST] from [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-1.mp4] to [Futurama - 7x08 - Fun on a Bun.mp4]
[TEST] from [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-2.mp4] to [Futurama - 7x09 - Free Will Hunting.mp4]
[TEST] from [Futurama Volume 7 Disc 2-3.mp4] to [Futurama - 7x10 - Near-Death Wish.mp4]

:arrow: Please watch Getting Started, Page 2 on how to do linear matching / manual matching in the GUI:


Image Load -> Select Folder loads a list of files into Original Files in alphanumeric order. No more. No less. Loading in files does not trigger automatic SxE matching, and the current content of New Names at the time - whatever it may be - has no effect.

Image Clear All resets the application state. Just like like how the Reload button in your browser resets the website state, or how the Restart button on your Desktop resets your OS state.
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