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FileBot 4.9

Post by rednoah » 16 Mar 2020, 13:33

FileBot 4.9.1
• Added Edit Format / Edit Match / Edit Name context menu
• Added Smart Mode: Attributes matcher (i.e. xattr / exif / id3 / atom)
• Use F2 shortcut for Plain File Mode
• Use F3 shortcut for Local Xattr Mode
• Enable selected post-processing features via Filter ➔ Attributes ➔ Apply
• Enable clone (on macOS / apfs) and reflink (on Linux / btrfs) by default for all COPY operations
• Enhanced Selection Dialog with thumbnails and tooltips
• Enhanced Conflict Dialog with detailed explanations
• Enhanced manual search to support both search by name and lookup by id
• Improved support for mapping episode information between different databases and numbering schemes (e.g. via AnimeList or XEM)
• Added {db} dynamic binding (e.g. map between TheTVDB and AniDB episode objects)
• Added {vs} standard media {source} tag
• Enhance {primaryTitle} to yield AniDB x-jat (romanized Japanese) series name for TheTVDB episode objects
• Enhance {hours} to use Ratio (U+2236) instead of Colon (U+003A)
• Added {historic} binding for looking up the original file path of {f} (e.g. useful for -exec post-processing commands)
• Evaluate {closures} automatically in constructs (e.g. {"[" + {n} + " " + {s00e00} + "]"})
• Improved -mediainfo -exec pipeline
• Added -no-probe option to disable media parser (e.g. match files without reading file contents)
• Added -no-index option to disable local media indices (i.e. improved support for low-memory devices)
• Added -no-history and -clear-history options
• Support dynamic code evaluation via include and evaluate
• Support @file.groovy syntax in Format Editor and Preset Editor (e.g. @/path/to/MyFormat.groovy)
• Added --apply option (e.g. --apply artwork nfo url metadata)
• Added --mapper option (e.g. --mapper AnimeList.AniDB)
• Allow *.groovy files as argument value for --format, --filter, --mapper and --file-filter options (e.g. --format /path/to/MyFormat.groovy)
• Support movie hash lookup via --db OpenSubtitles
• Support -r and --file-filter for -script calls (i.e. select files before calling the script)
• Support bash_completion

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