Latest Beta Revisions and Release Candidates

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Latest Beta Revisions and Release Candidates

Post by rednoah » 05 May 2014, 13:02


In between major releases I upload quite a lot of test builds and usually a series of RC releases before making a final release. The latest builds are only uploaded as jar bundle and you can update FileBot by replacing the jar in your existing installation. The RC releases come with packages for the various platforms. The latest jar is generally only compatible with the latest major release or RC.

If you experience any issues with the latest stable release, then it's always worth giving the latest revision or RC release a try because the issue may have been fixed already.

The latest jar is available here:

The latest jar may require the latest release package:

You can check the latest changes in the commit log:

:idea: All release files are signed and verified with PGP Public Key 7C3C6A71.
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Release Notes

Post by rednoah » 05 Aug 2014, 17:15

FileBot 4.8.2
• New license model and cross-platform support for all Java 8 / Java 10 platforms
• Improved episode / movie auto-detection
• Added {hdr} binding
• Added --file-filter option (e.g. --file-filter
• Added --db exif and --db file in addition to --db xattr (i.e. command-line equivalents for Preset datasources)
• [Windows] Improved HiDPI support for non-integer scale factors (e.g. 125%)
• [Linux] Support for ffprobe as replacement for libmediainfo (esp. for armv7 / aarch64 platforms)
• [macOS] Disable 0-termination when reading / writing xattr String values

FileBot 4.7.21
• Experimental HiDPI support (for Windows 10)
• Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

FileBot 4.7.15
• Support for CoW clones (requires APFS or BTRFS)
• Improved movie auto-detection
• Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

FileBot 4.7.14
• Improved movie auto-detection
• Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

FileBot 4.7.12
• Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

FileBot 4.7.10
• Support the new TheTVDB JSON API
• Support the new OMDb API
• Improved CD1/2 auto-detection
• Support for custom rename actions via the --action option
• Support for the new -exec option
• Support for the FILEBOT_OPTS environment variable for FileBot-specific Java options
• Use GnuPG signatures for all deployment artifacts
• Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

FileBot 4.7.9
• Binding {sdhd} has been removed in favour of {hd} which now supports UHD/HD/SD as possible values
• Improved support for Photo mass-renaming (e.g. added {exif}, {camera} and {location} bindings)
• Improved streaming behaviour for -mediainfo commands and --format expressions no longer limited by file path validation (e.g. multi-line, special characters, etc)
• Support lookup by id for -list commands (e.g. filebot -list --q 70327)
• Support for renaming episodes files in linear order (e.g. -list --q 70327 -rename *.mkv)

FileBot 4.7.8
• Additional language preferences
• Additional Episode Sort Order: Absolute Airdate Order (useful for matching by airdate or episode title instead of SxE numbers)
• Additional bindings: {kbps} and {khz}
• Unified {localize} and {order} binding usage (e.g. localize.zho.n or order.airdate.sxe)
• Use powershell instead of cmd when executing commands on Windows (e.g. --def exec)
• Improved behaviour for -rename --q command-line usage
• Improved desktop integration for Gnome and KDE
• Improved support for Debian Linux armhf ABI (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
• Minor improvements and bugfixes

FileBot 4.7.7
• Minor improvements and bugfixes

FileBot 4.7.5
• Keyboard shortcuts for calling user-defined Presets (Numpad 1..9)
• Improved episode auto-detection
• Improved file sort order
• Improved bindings: {plex}, {t}, {votes}, {group}, {tags}, {audioLanguages} and {textLanguages}
• Support ANSI color output (if $TERM == xterm-256color)
• Fixed Gnome GVFS drag-n-drop issues
• Reduce xattr metadata size
• Use xz compression for all packages (e.g. reduce download size by 40%)

FileBot 4.7.2
• Improved movie part index auto-detection
• Fix regression issues

FileBot 4.7.1
• Improved Windows 7/8/10 integration
• Improved auto-delete behaviour (use system trash, preserve hidden user files, etc)
{plex} binding now forces Windows-compatible paths (e.g. strip colons)
• New MediaInfo bindings: {mediaTitle} and {bitdepth}
• New Info Object bindings: {id} (series/movie ID), {object} and {type}
• New Episode bindings: {sc} (season count) and {sy} (season years)
• Support for --action reflink (requires Linux and a copy-on-write filesystem)
• Improved logging and debugging options
• Lots of minor (and some more critical) bugfixes and enhancements

FileBot 4.7
Smart Mode for handling Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Music all at once
• Support for Renaming Folders (i.e. auto-delete left-behind empty folders)
• Resolve relative formats against the Media root folder (instead of the parent folder)
Send To context menu for Episodes / Filter / List panels
• Improved Filter tools
• Improved List tool
• Support for TheMovieDB in Episode Mode
• Improved movie/episode auto-detection
• Fix various OpenSubtitles Search/Download and Upload issues
• Fix various TheTVDB / AniDB / TVMaze issues
• Fix various multi-episode detection issues
• Fix various ID3 Tags lookup issues
• HiDPI icons
• Fix various UI/UX issues
• Performance and caching improvements
• Improved logging and error messages
• Plex Naming Standard binding {plex}
• Use range multi-episode formatting by default when using {sxe} or {s00e00} (i.e. Plex naming standard)
{s00e00} binding will now evaluate to TheTVDB Airdate Season/Episode for AniDB Absolute Number Episodes
• Subtitle language auto-detection when using the {lang} binding
• Subtitle language/category extension binding {subt}
• Spoken languages binding {languages}
• Stereoscopic 3D binding {s3d}
• A-Z folder binding {az}
• Just-in-time localization binding {localize}, e.g. {localize.German.Title}
• Filesize bindings {bytes}, {megabytes}, {gigabytes}
• Generic MediaInfo bindings {video}, {audio}, etc are now multi-stream bindings (and {videos}, {audios}, etc have consequently been removed)
• Cmdline operation -revert to revert previous -rename operations
• Cmdline option --conflict accepts index conflict resolution behaviour
@file syntax for command-line argument passing
• Scripts from the online repository (e.g. fn:sysinfo) are now code signed and cryptographically secured against malicious tampering (not just HTTPS transport encryption)

FileBot 4.6.1
• Added support user-defined Presets for repetitive tasks
• Added support for TVmaze
• Improved support for OpenSubtitles and subtitle matching
• Improved movie/episode auto-detection
• Improved ID3 Tags music mode
• Improved cache behaviour
• Improved support for Chinese & Brazilian languages
• Added helper function String.asciiQuotes() for normalizing various quotation marks
• Added {model} binding for querying the entire rename model
• Added convenience binding {ny} for "Name (Year)" formats
• Added bindings {info.budget}, {info.revenue} and {info.popularity} to the movie info object
• Changed String.sortName() default behaviour
• Support --filter as Groovy-based file filter in filebot -mediainfo calls
• Use Apache Commons VFS2 and junrar to reduce native dependencies on some platforms
• Support $JAVA_OPTS convention in all scripts
• Update to FanartTV API v3
• Codesign Windows NSIS and MSI installers
• Publish sha256 checksums for all release files
• Updated Chocolatey install scripts with sha1 checksums

FileBot 4.5.6
• Improved series / episode detection
• Optimize web service calls and provide more data via xattr metadata
• Extended metadata is now fetched from the originally selected data source (e.g. AniDB "generes" is no mapped to Anime categories, etc)
• Fixed various issues related to fetching Chinese subtitles
• Allow processing of *.ac3 and *.dts files in Music mode
• Do not treat folders with "movie.nfo" as single units like disk folders anymore
• Fixed lots of issues that have been raised in the forums

FileBot 4.5.3
• Batch "Extract" will now only extract new files
• "Set Output Folder" button in Format Editor
• Optimizations for subtitle search and lookup
• Prevent OpenSubtitles abuse
• Require OpenSubtitles login
• New script: verify
• Force Nimbus as default cross platform LaF (mainly applies to KDE users)
• Fixes for many minor issues

FileBot 4.5
• Make sure movie name {n} works as per user-defined Preferred Language (only affects non-English mode)
• Support choosing between (default) Opportunistic / (new) Strict mode matching
• Improved behavior when processing large sets of files
• Improved movie / episode detection
• Improved TheMovieDB / AcoustID support
• Inherit ACLs when moving / copying files to remote folders
• New bindings {model} and {self} for advanced use-cases
• In movie mode {primaryTitle} now maps to original movie name
--db xattr for offline processed using previously stored xattr metadata
--action duplicate to duplicate files via hardlink when possible or copy when necessary
• Fixed various UI layout and LaF issues
• Improved integration with OSX
• Support passing file arguments in single-panel mode

FileBot 4.3
• Lots of optimizations and usability improvements
• Dropped support for Java 7 (so Java 8 is required now)
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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