Renaming Episodes based on Folder?

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Renaming Episodes based on Folder?

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I'm trying to rename episodes of the anime series One Piece.
I put all of them in their own season folder and the problem is that the episodes are just numbered, without a season tag, so basically just E001-E999.

Now filebot gets confused and puts them to the totally wrong season, e.g.

Episode 1-61 all belong to season one, however Filebot things that Episode E061 belongs to season 5 and Eipisode E041 to Season 3.

Also, even the same name for the file it takes different series, it doesn't make any sense. Is there any way to fix this:

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Re: Renaming Episodes based on Folder?

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:?: What command are you executing? What does the complete log say? Please read How to Request Help.

:arrow: Please read [Anime] Convert Absolute to SxE numbers for details on translating AniDB / Absolute numbering to TheTVDB / SxE numbering.

:!: Note that One Piece - Season 1 has 8 episodes only. The two rename operations highlighted in your screenshot are correct according to your selected database, based on the episode title:

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$ filebot -list --q "One Piece" --db TheTVDB --filter "absolute in [41, 61]" --lang German --log INFO
One Piece - 3x11 - Namis Entscheidung
One Piece - 5x01 - Abschied von Abiz
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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