Beginner's help: Rename existing folder for movie?

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Beginner's help: Rename existing folder for movie?

Post by Cantello »

I just bought a license for FB to compare to tinymediamanager, which I am currently using but which does not do music for example.

Question: I sometimes copy & paste folders containing movie files in an existing folder structure and then would like to rename the files, as well as the folders to a simple

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/.../Foreign Movies/Movie (2021)/Movie.Source-Resolution.ext
I can manage with the actual file names but am stumped with regards to the folder name.

When I drag & drop a folder on the left hand side of FB's rename pane, all containing files are listed and if I use 'rename', the files get renamed correctly but the folder is moved one level up and placed there. I dragged the movie's folder from within 'Foreign Movies' but the renamed folder is place in the root folder.

Is there any way to insert the folder where the files are coming from into the renaming format? Currently I am using

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Experiments with {folder} and {historic} (only usable as a CLI command, apparently) did not work either. What am I missing here? Thanks!
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Re: Beginner's help: Rename existing folder for movie?

Post by rednoah »

Do you want to (A) organize movie files into a new file and folder structure or (B) rename movie folders?

:idea: A typical user will say (B) at first glance but actually mean (A). FileBot will automatically create / delete folders (as opposed to renaming or recycling folders) so that you get the file and folder structure defined by your custom format, which is the end result that you actually care about.

:idea: You'll want to use an absolute custom format to eliminate all the variables (i.e. relative file paths) that may or may not work out the way you want. Also, you'll want to organize files into a new folder anyway, as to naturally separate files that have been processed with FileBot in the new folder structure and not-yet-processed files in the original location:

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X:/Foreign Movies/{ny}/{ny}.{vs}-{vf}
Please read FAQ #1 for details.

:idea: If you want to use relative file paths, then you can do that, just keep in mind that it's relative to the file at hand, and so if you create new parent folder levels in your format, then you need to go up the same number of levels as well, to balance things out:

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../../Foreign Movies/{ny}/{ny}.{vs}-{vf}
This format will assumes that files are already organized into Foreign Movies/Movie Folder/Movie File and won't work the way we want if we load in files organized in different ways, e.g. Foreign Movies/Movie File or Foreign Movies/Movie Folder Lv1/Movie Folder Lv2/Movie File. Because .. just means "go up one folder level" regardless of how files are currently organized.

:idea: {folder} is the absolute path to the current folder, which is also the file path against which relative file paths are resolves, e.g. {ny}.{vs}-{vf} and {folder}/{ny}.{vs}-{vf} are effectively the same.

:idea: {historic} only works for files that have already been renamed previously, e.g. {historic.folder} would give you the previous location based on the local history of the file currently being formatted. {historic} does nothing for files that have not previously been renamed with FileBot. It'll work in both CLI and GUI, but it's only really useful for certain scripting tasks.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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