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[OpenSubtitles] 401 Unauthorized

Posted: 20 Jan 2022, 03:23
by rednoah
FileBot 4.9.4 and earlier only store the MD5 hash of the password you enter via filebot -script fn:configure and thus uses the MD5 hash as password, instead of sending your password verbatim over the internet.

Subtitles API wrote:Important: for security improvement, you can use HTTPS and/or send $password as MD5($password) hash. ... LRPC#LogIn

Presumably, this mode of login is no longer possible due to server-side changes in how passwords are stored and verified:

Code: Select all

401 Unauthorized
redstone.xmlrpc.XmlRpcFault: 401 Unauthorized
      at net.filebot.web.OpenSubtitlesXmlRpc.checkResponse(Unknown Source)
      at net.filebot.web.OpenSubtitlesXmlRpc.invoke(Unknown Source)
      net.filebot.web.OpenSubtitlesXmlRpc.login(Unknown Source)

UPDATE: 20 Jan 2022
• The configure script has been updated and will now correctly configure the OpenSubtitles login details for all FileBot 4.* versions, so filebot -script fn:configure will just work again.
• The Image Login button in the GUI no longer works in older versions, but you can use filebot -script fn:configure from the command-line instead. The entered login details will work for both GUI and CLI. Please press WIN+R and then paste filebot -script fn:configure to run the command.

UPDATE: 28 Mar 2022
• You must use your username and password from (main site) and not (beta site) because login details are not interchangeable between the two sites.