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Re: Conditional Structures (if-then-else)

Post by kim »

my take on it ;)

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{ def pathList = ['SD' : 'H:/DVDRIPS','HD720p' : 'B:/720p','HD1080ptrue' : 'B:/1080p - Sagas','HD1080pfalse' : 'B:/1080p','UHD2160p' : 'B:/2160P']; any{pathList.get(hd)}{pathList.get(hd + vf)}{pathList.get(hd + vf + any{collection ? true : true}{false})}{'UNKNOWN_PATH'}} {hdr}/{collection.ascii()}/{ny.ascii().upperInitial()}{' ['+imdbid +']'}/{ny.ascii().upperInitial()}{' ['+imdbid +']'} {if (hd =~ /HD/) vf} {hdr}
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Re: Conditional Structures (if-then-else)

Post by Brax »

Good evening Kim

Thanks a lot !!!

I spent days trying to figure the right way to do it and you crunched this in no time... Impressive

I did spend a lot of time in the forum reading exemples and in the FAQ and did not see how to use the pathList, neither the use of .get... And I would not have been able to think ot the concatenation trick for 1080P with the any{collection ? true : true}{false}

Works like a charm, and helps me understand better all those functions which make filebot so powerfull

Many thanks again for your help and happy New Year too

Best regards
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