[FAQ] How do I activate my license?

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[FAQ] How do I activate my license?

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⭑⭑ Video Tutorial: How do I install my FileBot License File? ⭑⭑

How do I receive my license file?

After purchasing FileBot via Paddle, you will receive 2 emails. The first email from [email protected] will contain your license as plain text. The second email from [email protected] will contain your license as file attachment. Either one can be used to activate FileBot.

:idea: If you did not receive 2 emails, please check your Spam / Junk Email folder. If you're using a Desktop application (e.g. Windows Mail) to receive Email via POP3 or IMAP, please check the Spam / Junk Email folder via the web interface as well.

:idea: If you have received no email at all then you have likely mistyped your email address or your mail server is rejecting emails. In this case, please contact Paddle (our payment processor) with your payment details so they can help you look up your order number and resend your license.

:idea: If you want to recover a lost license key or a never received license key, please contact Paddle (our payment processor) with your name, email and payment details so they can look up your order and resend your license confirmation. If you have multiple purchases under your email address, then you must include payment details so that they can look up your most recent order.

1. Paddle Payment & License Confirmation:


:idea: You may Select & Copy the License Key text and then click on Paste License Key in the FileBot application when prompted to activate FileBot.

:idea: Please select the entire text in the grey text area under License Key (including BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE at the very top and including END PGP SIGNATURE at the very bottom). Your License Key is the entire text in the License Key text field and includes both human-readable and gibberish text sections.

2. FileBot License File:


:idea: You may Save the Attachment to your computer and then double-click your *.psm license file to activate FileBot.

How do I install my license file?

Option 1:
You can activate your license by double-clicking on your license file or by right-clicking your license file and opening it with FileBot.


Option 2:
If you've already started using FileBot, then you can also activate your license by clicking on the Rename button and then clicking on the Paste License Key or Select License File menu item when prompted:


Option 3:
If you are using the filebot command-line tools, then you can install your license with the filebot --license command:

Shell: Select all

filebot --license *.psm
You may call filebot --license without arguments to read the license key from standard input:

Console Output: Select all

$ filebot --license
Please copy and paste your license key...

Option 4:
If you are using FileBot Node on your NAS device, then you can use the Tools ➔ License button to select and install your license file:


:idea: If your email service provider blocks *.psm attachments, then you can create your own License File by copy & pasting your License Key into a new plain text file.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.