[FAQ] How do I recover a lost license key?

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[FAQ] How do I recover a lost license key?

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If you want to recover a lost license key or a never received license key, please contact Paddle (our payment processor) with your name, email and payment details so they can look up your order and resend your license confirmation. If you have multiple purchases under your email address, then you must include payment details so that they can look up your most recent order.

⭑⭑ Paddle Customer Support: https://paddle.net/ ⭑⭑

:idea: Alternatively, you may contact Paddle via email at [email protected] or via the contact form.

:idea: If you know your order number and your email address then you can also send a private message to rednoah to request a resend. (NOTE: you must make at least 1 public post before you can send private messages)

:!: Note that recovering and resending your license key may take multiple working days because it is not an automated process. Please do not expect an immediate response, especially on Fridays, weekends or public holidays. Please store your license key carefully in the future (i.e. just don't delete emails) to make life easy for yourself and others.

:idea: Note that you can find your currently installed license key in the application data folder. Please read Backup and Restore Settings for details.

:!: Note that if you have purchased FileBot on the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store, then you do not have a standalone license key. Please read How do I restore my Microsoft Store or Mac App Store purchase? for details.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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