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[DOCS] FileBot Groovy Expression References

Posted: 20 May 2019, 07:16
by rednoah
FileBot uses the Groovy language for format expressions, filter expressions and execute expressions:

The most important top-level bindings are documented here:

In addition to that, the entire FileBot / Groovy / Java API is at your disposal:
:!: The complete reference documentation for FileBot / Java / Groovy is so mind-bogglingly vast that it's likely going to be completely useless for your specific relatively simple coding needs.

:!: You will need Java / Groovy coding experience to navigate this vast amount of reference documentation.

e.g. Why does this work?

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  1. {f} is a top-level binding defined by FileBot, which returns a File object.
  2. File.getName() is called via the Groovy Getter Syntax and returns a String object.
  3. String.match(String regex) is a Groovy Extension Method for the String class specific to FileBot.

:!: You can read / write / modify to your liking / generally make sense of typical FileBot format / filter / exec expressions without understanding how any of it works under the hood. ;)

Re: [DOCS] FileBot Groovy Expression References

Posted: 05 Jun 2019, 18:32
by devster
Pardon my nosiness, how do you generate these pages?
They're a real eye opener, for example I had no idea String.match() could accept a map.

Re: [DOCS] FileBot Groovy Expression References

Posted: 05 Jun 2019, 18:37
by rednoah
The FileBot API Documentation is generated from the source using the javadoc tool.