How do I process only specific kinds of files?

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How do I process only specific kinds of files?

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When dropping folders into FileBot, then FileBot will load all the media files in that folder (videos, subtitles, music, etc) but what if we only want to process video files but ignore all other files?

Option 1: FileBot Filter

Drop your folders into the Filter panel and let FileBot categorize files by their type, and then either drag-and-drop them where you want them to be, or use the Send to menu.


Option 2: Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder

Rather than dropping folders, just drop specific files instead. Search for the files you want (e.g. search for *.mkv in Windows Explorer or kind:video in Mac Finder) and then select all the files and drag them into FileBot.


Option 3: Use Presets with Includes

Presets allow you to set a default folder from which files are loaded and file filter expressions that allow you to include or exclude files.

e.g. Includes: video files

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e.g. Includes: files that are not *.jpg or *.png files and do not match *sample* or *trailer* in the file name and do not match *Extras* or *Featurettes* in the file path:

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none{ ext =~ /jpg|png/ }{ fn.match(/sample|trailer/) }{ f =~ /Extras|Featurettes/ }
e.g. Includes: files that have not yet been processed, i.e. files that do not have xattr metadata and are not recorded in the local history yet:

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none{ historic.f || f.metadata }

Option 4: Start FileBot with --file-filter from Terminal

Power Users may use the --file-filter option to select specific files using a custom Groovy expression.

e.g. select only video files:

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filebot -rename -r /path/to/files --file-filter
:arrow: Please read How do I process specific files with specific command-line options? for details and examples.

Option 5: Start FileBot with file arguments from Terminal

Power Users on Linux or macOS may prefer to use standard Linux tools to select files and pass them on to FileBot.

e.g. find *.mkv files and pass them on to the filebot call as arguments:

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find /path/to/files -type f -iname "*.mkv" -exec filebot -rename {} +
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