Feature Request: Password Protected Archives

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Feature Request: Password Protected Archives

Post by kylex »


I'm using FileBot to manage my downloads. Therefore i use the utorrent-postprocess script from [1]. It's AMAZING as it is already.

My only problem is, that it happens quite often that my archives are password protected. Would it be much of a hassle to support a password-File where it's looking up passwords while extracting?

Would love to hear your answer on that, even though it might be negative :)


P.S.: What's your used IDE and build tools for filebot?

[1] http://filebot.sourceforge.net/forums/v ... =215#p1561
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Re: Feature Request: Password Protected Archives

Post by rednoah »

I don't really plan on adding password guessing. To do this well it might be quite a bit of work for which I don't have the time. :P

But techincally on the lower levels it's probably possible:

PS: eclipse, ant (should build right away if you check it out from svn)
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