Folder disappearing and default output folder

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Folder disappearing and default output folder

Post by afcchris » 30 Mar 2019, 12:28

Hi all

Not a new user but an inexperienced one. I have used it before and all went fine, so files were found by my plex server but this was some time ago and some things are happening now that i don't remember happening. I have my files to be renamed in a folder on my NAS. I rename them but then that folder disappears. Is that supposed to happen? Also where would the folders have gone...can someone tell me what is the location for the default output folder on a Mac?

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Re: Folder disappearing and default output folder

Post by rednoah » 30 Mar 2019, 12:33

What does the history say?

What format are you using? Where are the files? Where do you want the files to go?

The default output folder is relative to the current file structure. Using an absolute format is generally recommended, so that your format specifies an absolute unambiguous destination path.
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