Setting for docker in Synology

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Setting for docker in Synology

Post by gusestrella »

Trying to test as a docker under synology. However, unsure what setting to define for as well as then how to update the config file or execure it on an ongoing bases.

The variabels think should be -

1. Volumes - I think I need /input (where will retrieve files), /output (place fixed files) and /data (for saving config file)
2. Ports - Unsure if should define any ?
3. Environment Vars - I based on other docker define TZ, also have USER_ID and GROUP_ID

However, unsure

I am unable to find any info or any aidea how to go about this. Any help would be appreciate it.
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Re: Setting for docker in Synology

Post by rednoah »

Here's all you need to know about:

The filebot docker container works exactly like the filebot command-line tool as it merely wraps filebot in a container image:

If you're using Synology DSM, then I recommend just using the official FileBot Synology repository to install FileBot.
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