Handle both packed and unpacked files ?

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Handle both packed and unpacked files ?

Post by burton666 »

I am using ruTorrent and sonarr to download my tv-shows but cant figure out how to set everything up correctly. I am downloading to tv-shows to "/downloads/tv"
and my media folder is located at "/media/tv"

All my downloads needs to be seeded for at least 48 hours and sometimes they are just the media files and sometimes they are in rar-files.
How can I set it up so that all files are seeded for the minimum time and added to my media-folder on finished download but also removed after the seeding time=
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Re: Handle both packed and unpacked files ?

Post by rednoah »

FileBot can help you extract archive and organize files. FileBot cannot help you remove torrents from rT.

:idea: FileBot can give you a list of previously processed files though, so you could use that, and then check for files that haven't been modified, and then talk to rT and make it remove the torrent. You'd have to ask the rT developers on how exactly that would work though.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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