[Plain File Mode] Strip brackets [...] from the file path

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[Plain File Mode] Strip brackets [...] from the file path

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Use Plain File Mode with custom plain file format:

Format: Select all

{ folder.path.removeAll(/\[.+?\]/) }/{ fn.removeAll(/\[.+?\]/) }
fn ... file name without extension
folder.path ... parent folder file path
/\[.+?\]/ ... regular expression that matches [...] patterns


Use --db file to rewrite file paths:

Shell: Select all

filebot -rename -r /input --db file --file-filter "f.path =~ /\[.+?\]/" --format "{ folder.path.removeAll(/\[.+?\]/) }/{ fn.removeAll(/\[.+?\]/) }" --action TEST

Console Output: Select all

[TEST] from [/input/Alias [720p]/Alias 1x01 [720p].mkv] to [/input/Alias/Alias 1x01.mkv]

--file-filter "f.path =~ /\[.+?\]/" ... select only files that contain [...] patterns in the file path
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