[DOCS] FileBot Node Reference Manual

Support for Synology NAS, QNAP NAS and other Embedded Linux systems
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[DOCS] FileBot Node Reference Manual

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FileBot Node a WebUI for generating and calling filebot commands and amc script commands.

:arrow: FileBot Node is available as Synology NAS package, QNAP NAS package and docker container.

:arrow: Please read Unattended Automation with FileBot Node and FileBot Node Troubleshooting for general FileBot Node usage advice and troubleshooting advice.

:arrow: Please read FileBot › Argument Reference and Automated Media Center › Options for details on filebot options and amc script parameters.

Organize Files

  • Input Folder is the input argument
  • Input Type is the --def ut_label script parameter (see Advanced Fine-Tuning)
  • Strict Mode toggles the -non-strict flag on or off (see Match Mode: Opportunistic vs Strict)
  • Action is the --action option (see Custom Rename Action)
  • Output Folder is the --output option
  • Artwork toggles the --def artwork script parameter on or off (see Options)
  • Clean is the --def clean option (see Options)
  • Episode Order is the --order option
  • Subtitles is the --def subtitles script parameter (see Options)
  • Language is the --lang option

File Options

  • Conflict is the --conflict option (see --conflict resolution for duplicate file paths)
  • Archives toggles the --def skipExtract script parameter on or off (see Options)
  • Music toggles the --def music script parameter on or off (see Options)
  • Unsorted toggles the --def unsorted script parameter on or off (see Options)
  • Ignore Rules is the --def ignore script parameter (see Options)
  • Video Duration is the --def minLengthMS script parameter (see Options)
  • File Size is the --def minFileSize script parameter (see Options)
  • File Age is the --def minFileAge script parameter (see Options)
  • Exclude Link toggles the --def excludeLink script parameter on or off (see Options)
  • Exclude List is the --def excludeList script parameter (see Options)

Match Options


Format Options

Please read Automated Media Center › Change how files will be organized and renamed and Anime Detection for details.
  • Movie Format is the --def movieFormat script parameter
  • Series Format is the --def seriesFormat script parameter
  • Anime Format is the --def animeFormat script parameter
  • Music Format is the --def musicFormat script parameter
  • Unsorted Format is the --def unsortedFormat script parameter

Post Processing Options

  • Import Extras toggles the --apply import option on or off (see Import companion files)
  • Export Xattr toggles the --apply metadata option on or off (see Export .xattr folders)
  • Set Permissions toggles the --apply chmod option on or off (see Set permissions)
  • Run Script is the --apply *.groovy option (see Add Post-Processing Scripts via the --apply option)
  • Run Command is the --def exec script parameter (see Options)
  • Plex is the --def plex script parameter (see Options)
  • Kodi is the --def kodi script parameter (see Options)
  • Emby is the --def emby script parameter (see Options)
  • Pushover is the --def pushover script parameter (see Options)
  • PushBullet is the --def pushbullet script parameter (see Options)
  • Discord is the --def discord script parameter (see Options)
  • Report Folder is the --def storeReport script parameter (see Options)

Database Options

Please read Automated Media Center › Change database for each content type and Anime Detection for details.
  • Movie Database is the --def movieDB script parameter
  • Series Database is the --def seriesDB script parameter
  • Anime Database is the --def animeDB script parameter

Developer Options



  • Click Execute to generate and run the amc script command
  • Click Dry Run to generate and run the amc script command with --action TEST
  • Click Schedule to created a prepared task and configure Synology Task Scheduler to run this task once per day (NOTE: prepared tasks are supported on all platforms; but scheduling those tasks is only supported on Synology NAS platforms)
  • Click Revert to undo the most recent rename operation (NOTE: click Revert multiple times to undo multiple rename operations)



Source Code

FileBot Node is hosted on GitHub and contributions are most welcome:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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