[AMC] Anime Detection

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[AMC] Anime Detection

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The AMC script does try to differentiate between Anime and TV Shows, but Anime are inherently TV Shows, so unless your Anime files have very Anime-like characteristics they'll be treated as TV Show by default.

What makes a video file an Anime episode file?

Does the file use SxE or S00E00 numbering? => TV Series (NOTE: Anime episodes use absolute numbers only and do not have season numbers)

Does it have Japanese Audio and ASS subtitles? => Anime

Does it have a CRC32 checksum like [1A2B3C4B] in the filename? => Anime

Is --def ut_label set to Anime? => Anime

Is any parent folder called Anime? => Anime

None of the above? => TV Series

:!: Note that Movie and TV Series heuristics take precedence over Anime heuristics. For example, a file named One Piece 1x01 will be processed as TV Series and not as Anime due to the SxE pattern forcing TV Series Mode above all.
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