Synology NAS Music via FileBot Node

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Synology NAS Music via FileBot Node

Post by xoltan »

I'm considering purchasing a license, so I did everything necessary to download and install FileBot in DSM 7.0. I did a dry run of my music files and got a message for a significant number of files that said "ID3 Tags: Failed to identify music file: /volume1/Music/..." Does this mean that FileBot isn't able to identify any of these files at all or that it simply can't identify them based on the ID3 Tag info? There are enough of these file errors that I can't justify spending $50 to use this software if those errors mean that the files won't be renamed properly.
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Re: Synology NAS Music via FileBot Node

Post by rednoah »

:?: What does the console output say?

:idea: If the files don't have ID3 tags then you indeed will not be able to process them reliably. That said, you will want to look at the console output at the end. You will get [TEST] from [/path/to/A] to [/path/to/B] lines that tell you what FileBot would be doing if it were to process files for real.

:idea: If you're preparing music files for Plex / Jellyfin / etc then renaming / organizing the files is fairly pointless. Music where tagging is common is very different from Movies / Episodes where tagging is non-existent. If your music files are not tagged, then you'll want to use MusicBrainz Picard to tag files.
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