[Appreciation Post] Thank you redonah.

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[Appreciation Post] Thank you redonah.

Post by wintersonata »

You have no idea how much time you've helped me save. I used to rename all my movies and series one by one. But now, I can't imagine going back to that hell. Just now, I discovered that this software also lets us drag and drop a bunch of lines of text, and then it'll appear in the same order I dropped it. I know this might sound like basic knowledge, but initially, I thought this only worked on files.

This way, I don't have to stick to the databases and instead simply drag and drop fan-created name lists. This is the moment when I felt like hugging you and kissing you on the cheek tightly, although I never do it to other men, but I'll make an exception for you :P

I sincerely appreciate you and your genuine interest in helping us users. It's puzzling why this software hasn't gained more traction yet; it's incredibly useful. But one thing's for sure, once people catch wind of it, they won't look back.

I'll definitely do my part spread the word because I firmly believe this is one of the best finds, not just of this year, but period. And although, technically speaking, I didn't find it myself, you led me to this magic lamp, and I'm still happy nonetheless.

Thank you once more from the bottom of my heart for shaving off years of unnecessary effort, and my gratitude will never end for introducing me to this.
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Re: [Appreciation Post] Thank you redonah.

Post by rednoah »

Your kind words are much appreciated.

:idea: You can drop anything that is conceptually "a list of file names" into the New Names area and it'll work:
  • lines of text (i.e. select and drag-n-drop lines of text)
  • *.txt file (i.e. lines of text)
  • *.sfv file / *.md5 file / *.sha256 file (i.e. list of file paths)
  • *.torrent file (i.e. list of file paths)
  • any folder or selection of files (i.e. use one list of files as template to rename another list of files)
  • Episode objects (i.e. drag-n-drop Episode objects from one FileBot instance into another)

:idea: Fun Fact: That feature has probably been around since the very beginning in 2008, and predates all the advanced Movie / Episode auto-matching features. It was all manual matching in the beginning. ;)
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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