Installing FileBot on Synology NAS

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Installing FileBot on Synology NAS

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FileBot now has it's own Package Source so you can download and install FileBot conveniently from the Package Center like any other Synology package. ;)

⭑⭑ DO NOT upgrade to DSM 7.0 or DSM 6.2.4 prematurely if you rely on this package repository. ⭑⭑
⭑⭑ [BETA] FileBot for Synology DSM 7.0 ⭑⭑
⭑⭑ [BETA] FileBot for Synology DSM 6.2.4 ⭑⭑

Add Package Source:
Package Center ► Settings ► Package Sources ► Add ► Name: FileBot and Location:

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This package will install the filebot command-line tools. You will be able to run filebot commands from the shell via SSH.


FileBot Node
This package will install and run the FileBot Node web application. You will be able to execute, schedule and monitor filebot commands with a simple Synology DSM UI.


  • Disable your Ad Blocker for Synology DSM and FileBot Node.
  • You may need to adjust the Trust Level to allow installation of packages published by Any Publisher.
  • FileBot requires java. Please use the Java Installer package to install the latest OpenJDK and keep it updated. (DO NOT use the Synology Java 8 package)
  • FileBot Node requires node. You will need to install the latest Node.js package.
  • FileBot Node requires filebot. You will need to install both FileBot and FileBot Node.
  • Please read How to use FileBot Node to learn how FileBot Node and the filebot command-line tools are meant to be used.
  • If you process music, you need to install MediaInfo and Chromaprint.
  • If you use mediainfo bindings in your format, you need to install MediaInfo.
  • Running commands from the login shell is not the same as using Synology DSM Task Scheduler or cron because they'll not initialize with ~/.profile so keep in mind that $PATH will be different.
  • filebot must not be run as root and it is recommended that you always run filebot as admin

Optional Features
If you want support for MediaInfo and AcoustID you will need to install the MediaInfo and Chromaprint packages from SynoCommunity. FFprobe can be installed via the official Media Server package.

Media Server: ffprobe is required for reading video/audio information from media files.

MediaInfo: is required for reading video/audio information from media files.

Chromaprint: fpcalc is required for computing acoustic fingerprints and matching music files with metadata.

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