Two Formats, One Cup

All about user-defined episode / movie format expressions
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Two Formats, One Cup

Post by DarfNader » 13 Sep 2018, 00:28

I manage two different formats that I use for episodes in my Plex library. Because I am a lazy sack and since Señor Filebot is downright prescient, this has always been just fine for run-of-the-mill TV and streaming:

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/Volumes/Plex/Plex Media Server/Plex Media/TV Shows/{Plex}
Then I started to realize that I didn't want my chocolate with my peanut butter, or rather I wanted independently produced neckbeard programming separated from standard-fare produced episodic entertainment. Plus, since I like the names in podcast-style format where the guest and date are title, I use:

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/Volumes/Plex/Plex Media Server/Plex Media/Intertubes/{n} [{airdate.format('yyyy.MM.dd')}] {t}
I presently deal with this by switching between presets bit it feels like I am using a hammer to fix a pancreas, so would be grateful for someone to smear some knowledge on my face if there is a more graceful and/or automated way to do this.


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Re: Two Formats, One Cup

Post by kim » 13 Sep 2018, 13:39

How can Filebot know the difference ?
samples ?

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Re: Two Formats, One Cup

Post by rednoah » 14 Sep 2018, 05:50

Seems like a simple case of if (condition) then FormatA else FormatB. What is your condition for deciding between A and B?

e.g. check if original file path contains "Intertubes" and the process accordingly:

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/Volumes/Plex/Plex Media Server/Plex Media/{f =~ /Intertubes/ ? "Intertubes/${n} [${airdate.format('yyyy.MM.dd')}] ${t}" : plex}
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