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FileBot Pricing Explained

Posted: 02 Oct 2018, 06:43
by rednoah
  • $6 for a 1 year universal license that works for all platforms (including Mac / Windows / Linux / BSD / Solaris / etc)
  • $60* (60 * 0.8 = 48) for a life-time universal license that works for all platforms (including Mac / Windows / Linux / BSD / Solaris / etc)
  • $60* (30 / 0.7 + 20 ≈ 60) on the Mac App Store for macOS only (due to Mac App Store limitations does not include support for certain features)
  • $60* (30 / 0.7 + 20 ≈ 60) on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 only (not including Windows 7 / Windows Server / Windows Enterprise / etc)

:idea: The $6 per year option is generally recommended for everyone regardless of platform and use case.

:idea: The life-time purchase options are generally not refundable and thus not recommended for new users. Please evaluate FileBot thoroughly for at least 1 year before committing permanently.

:idea: Lost license keys cannot be recovered. Stolen license keys cannot be unbanned or reissued. Please choose the $6 per year option to limit your exposure to potential loss in case of drive failure or hacked email account.

:idea: The $60 life-time universal license is permanently 20% OFF so that customers who have already purchased a 1 year universal license once or twice and now want to upgrade to the life-time license get an automatic discount, alongside everyone else. (NOTE: implementing, maintaining and monitoring a secure per-user discount pricing system on top of the existing checkout is more expensive than just giving everyone a fixed discount)

:idea: Microsoft Store and Mac App Store purchases are always lifetime purchases. These purchases are limited to that one platform, so the price is set to half of the universal lifetime license. However, this is offset by taxes and fees imposed by Microsoft and Apple so this option is not recommended. (NOTE: $30 plus 30% to account for the Mac App Store / Microsoft Store fee; additional $20 surcharge for disadvantageous exchange rates and additional development efforts required to pass app review)

:idea: Microsoft Store and Mac App Store purchases are not interchangeable and cannot be converted to a universal life-time license. Please avoid the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store if vendor lock-in is a concern for you.

:idea: Microsoft and Apple generally do not allow refunds on digital purchases made through the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store, though there are exceptions, and details vary by region. Please read the refund policy before purchase.