Looking for a list of AMC switches and what they do.

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Looking for a list of AMC switches and what they do.

Post by nzdreamer55 » 23 Dec 2018, 20:06


I read the AMC sticky and would like to know if there is a list of all the switches and what they do.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Looking for a list of AMC switches and what they do.

Post by rednoah » 23 Dec 2018, 20:38

The amc script inherits all the usual FileBot options:

Any additional --def name=value options specific to the amc script are documented here:

rednoah wrote:
01 Aug 2012, 13:04
--def music=y Process music files as well. Disabled by default.
--conflict skip Never override existing files if the same media is downloaded multiple times
--conflict auto Override existing media only if new media is better
--def subtitles=en,de,fr Download subtitles for the given languages
--def artwork=y Fetch artwork/nfo
--def extras=y Generate *.url files and fetch all available backdrops
--def kodi=host[:port] Tell the given Kodi/XBMC instance to rescan it's library
--def plex=host:token Tell the given Plex instance to rescan it's library. Plex Home instances require an authentication token.
--def emby=host:apikey Tell the given Emby instance to rescan it's library.
--def pushover=userkey[:apikey] Send update notifications to your devices via Pushover. It is recommended that you create your own API key.
--def pushbullet=apikey Send full reports to all your PushBullet devices
--def gmail=username:password Use the following gmail account to send and receive full reports. You must use an App Password for security reasons.
--def mail=host:port:from[:username:password] Send email via private mail server
--def mailto=email Send report to the given email address (optional, email to yourself if not set)
--def reportError=y Report errors via email
--def storeReport=y Save reports to local filesystem
--def extractFolder=/path/to/folder Extract archives to this folder
--def skipExtract=y Do not extract archives
--def deleteAfterExtract=y Delete archives after extraction
--def clean=y Automatically remove empty folders and clutter files that may be left behind after moving the video files, or temporary extracted files after copying
--def exec="echo {quote f}" Run program on newly processed files
--def unsorted=y Move media files that cannot be identified to a separate folder
--def ignore=regex Ignore filepaths that match the given regular expression (case-insensitive by default)
--def minFileSize=0 Only process video files larger than the given number (in bytes). Defaults to 50 MB.
--def minLengthMS=0 Only process videos longer than the given number (in milliseconds). Defaults to 10 minutes.
--def excludeList=amc.txt Keep a list of previously processed files to be ignored in future runs (if you run this script on the same files repeatedly you must enable this option)
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Re: Looking for a list of AMC switches and what they do.

Post by nzdreamer55 » 23 Dec 2018, 21:01

Wonderful. Thanks for the link.

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